How To Open A Virtual Office In the USA

Many different companies offer virtual office plans in the USA.

But how do you know that the company you chose is legitimate and has your best interests at heart?

Read on to discover how to open a virtual office in the USA and what you should look out for.

Introducing Your Company to the Virtual World

TaxLeaf is an accounting firm with more than 50 years of experience. Just over 10 years ago, TaxLeaf entered the virtual world by moving some of its infrastructure onto the world-wide-web.

Knowing that Taxleaf wanted to expand its offices across Florida, we needed a system to do this quickly and affordably.

Fast forward to today and our entire business, with multiple offices around the state, is web-based with centralized data, security, and the ability for staff to work online from anywhere they choose.

How Can This Help You?

It is vitally important that you choose a company that understands business as well as the unique requirements necessary to operate online.

The experience we have gained over the years building our own virtual systems and resources is now available to our clients.

We understand that technology changes rapidly and that you are busy conducting your business. There’s no time to learn about the intricacies of data storage, internet security, and software issues that could negatively affect your ability to do business online.

What do You Need to Open a Virtual Office in the USA?

The technology to create your virtual office is not easily available and you need to ensure that your data is secure.

You and your staff need to be able to access your systems from a remote location without compromising security and your data must be backed up, available for use with technical support to assist when things go wrong.

This is where TaxLeaf’s many years of experience and knowledge helping their own clients will help you avoid the potential problems of moving your business online.

Universal Telephone Number

To ensure that you are contactable in the United States, a local phone number is essential.

Your clients or customers gain trust in your ability to provide whatever service or product you supply and, in many cases, it is mandatory that you have a presence in the United States to do business with certain customers.

Facilitating Your Business Transactions

A virtual office allows you to conduct your business from any location in the world as if you were in your own office.

Re-routing telephone calls and emails is easy with the right software. It makes sense when dealing with accounting and legal issues that you can address urgent matters timeously, and a virtual office allows you to do that effortlessly.

All the applications that you use to conduct your business can be made available in the cloud with access from your phone or laptop.

Providing a Physical Address in the USA

A virtual office can sometimes not be enough to operate a business remotely. To receive mail will require a physical office that offers a mailing service to meet the procurement requirements of your customers.

Utilizing a company that has the infrastructure to facilitate a physical address makes your life easier and simpler and is a cost-effective solution to doing business in the USA, especially if you require conference room facilities as well.

TaxLeaf is located at 1549 NE 123 ST North Miami, Fl 33161, conveniently close to Key Biscayne Blvd. Our conference rooms are available to clients who desire a secure, convenient and professional environment in which to meet and conduct business.

If you are a non-resident or foreign national wishing to invest or do business in the USA, then LeafCloud may be the right solution for you.

Stop everything you’re doing right now and visit our Virtual Office Landing Page where we explain how it works, and the benefits of setting up your virtual office with a leader in the tax and accounting field.

Alternatively, call us now to secure a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with one of our business experts.


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Your Business and the 2022 New Tax Rules

The 2022 tax year is going to change significantly for just about everyone, whether you’re an employer or an individual. While everyone should be aware of the new 2022 tax code, if you’re a business owner, you should definitely be aware of what the new tax code for 2022 will entail. The 2022 tax code will likely have a major impact on your business, and here is an overview of the new tax rules for 2022, so you will know what to expect:

Changes in corporate tax rates

The Biden administration has proposed several substantial changes to corporate taxes starting in 2022. Corporate tax rates have been steady at 21% since 2017, but as of 2022, this tax rate is likely to increase to 28%. This higher tax rate will be effective from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2022, so when taxes are filed in 2022, corporate taxes will then increase. This rate increase would be applicable to all C corporations, regardless of the size of the company.

15% minimum tax payment on book income

For larger companies that exceed $2 billion in book revenue, an additional 15% minimum income tax would be applicable. This tax payment would apply to pre-tax income after deductions and losses have been subtracted. This 15% minimum income tax would be credited against the business’s regular tax for tax years in the future.

New tax changes regarding Paypal and other third party payers 

It has never been a requirement for third party cash apps like Paypal, Venmo and many other apps to report payments to the IRS unless payments were more than $20,000. However, new tax laws for 2022 require that any payments be reported if they exceed $600. Many people receiving cash regularly through these methods have been able to avoid paying taxes on this money, but the IRS is not allowing this to continue. This would likely only affect business-related cash transactions via these third party apps, and not personal transactions, but if personal transactions exceed a certain amount, then they, too, could be taxed in some circumstances.

Tax changes and inflation

As a result of inflation and the Corona virus pandemic, certain deductions have increased slightly, as a way to compensate. For instance, the standard deduction has increased from $12,400 to $12,550 for an individual. The standard deduction has also increased slightly for married couples, seniors, and more.

Changes specific to South Florida

If you live in Miami or another city in South Florida, you’re likely concerned about any business tax changes for your specific area. Corporate income taxes had previously been reduced from 5.5% in 2019 to 4.458% but will now return to 5.5% in 2022.

Tax laws can be complicated, especially when a number of changes occur at once. If you don’t understand the 2022 tax code or you have any questions, you may contact your CPA or refer to the IRS website for answers. Not only can you CPA answer all your tax-related questions, but he or she may also be able to provide protection for you should your company be audited in the future.

Top 5 Florida Accounting Firms – Time to Broaden Your Search

When reviewing the top 5 Florida Accounting Firms, no discussion is complete without including Taxleaf, a specialist tax, and accounting service provider.

Taxleaf has been recognized among the Top 5 Florida Accounting Firms by DesignRush.

A Hub For Innovative Business

Miami is known around the world as a holiday destination, and especially for its South Florida beaches.  

However, it is also a destination where new industries have seen an explosion of growth within the last few years, particularly in the online environment with cryptocurrency seminars and software companies thriving in an innovative business arena.

It has become a hub for foreign investors and businesses looking for access to the lucrative North American markets and needing the services of the best accounting firms.

Providing a Personalized Accounting & Tax Service

CEO Moses Nae continues in his father’s footsteps by providing businesses, families, and individuals with tax and accounting services as well as specialist business advisory services. The firm has been in operation since 1976 and continues to grow each year.

Where higher-profile firms provide similar services, Taxleaf focuses on personalized, bespoke service for its clientele.

Innovating New Ways to Do Business

Having implemented its own accounting and bookkeeping system on an in-house platform, Taxleaf continues to develop products and services to best fit the changing needs of its client base and the financial and regulatory environment in which it finds itself.

Taxleaf does not only talk about saving time and money, it actually implements systems and procedures and trains its staff to find innovative ways to improve clients’ business.

Reducing Tax Due and Avoiding Penalties

Within the existing legal framework, Taxleaf’s senior management work constantly to find and implement ways to minimize both taxes and to help its local and foreign clients avoid the penalties that are so much a part of the existing tax regime.

Doing business in the USA requires a detailed understanding of the complex nature of a multitude of rules and regulations with many different laws having a bearing on any given financial decision. It is in these complex and often contradictory situations that a firm that is managed with integrity, transparency, and honesty is most sought after.

The accounting and tax staff at Taxleaf exercise their duties to the highest level of personal and professional ethical standards that their clients have come to expect of this family-owned and managed business.

Choosing an Accounting Firm Florida

As a business owner or taxpayer, choosing the right CPA or accounting and tax advisor is a difficult and potentially life-changing decision.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best Florida accounting firm for your needs include:

Which tax accountant in Miami is best for filing personal taxes?

What Florida accounting firm specializes in international taxes?

What accounting firm in Florida has the most experience?

Which accounting firm in Florida has the best reputation for handling small and medium-sized firms?

TaxLeaf and its affiliates have in-depth knowledge and experience in all the areas covered by these questions and are looking forward to discussing your unique business requirements with you.

To help you learn more about how Taxleaf can assist you with your accounting and tax affairs, stop what you’re doing right now and click the link below for further information on how we can assist you.

Tax and Accounting Services

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