Trusts and Succession in the USA

Estate planning is not only for very wealthy people. Even those of modest means should create a will and an estate plan which will determine what happens to their asset after their death.

This is not only a good idea from an inheritance tax perspective but it also removes a lot of uncertainty and worries amongst family members at a time when emotions are usually running high.

Your estate consists of everything you own. Your assets and liabilities are all taken into account at the time of your death and the ownership of each asset must be transferred to a beneficiary.

The process of transferring your assets after your death is referred to as probate. This process is made considerably easier if you have a valid will. In your will, you nominate an executor who is responsible for ensuring that your will is executed according to your wishes and that the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries of your choosing.


Should you die without a will then the state will determine what happens to your assets. Each state has a different set of rules to determine who gets what.

It is therefore a very good idea to have a will drawn up and to structure your affairs in such a manner that your family is not inconvenienced in any way. This is particularly important when considering properties that may still be encumbered with mortgage loans.


A way to avoid many of the problems associated with probate, when there are personally held assets, is to establish a trust.

Trusts are a tool used in estate planning that takes advantage of tax law, to minimize or avoid taxes and to ensure that the use or distribution of assets can take place outside of the probate process.

One or more trustees are appointed and they are responsible for preserving the assets within the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust.

A living trust is created during your lifetime and your assets are transferred to it to preserve and maintain control over them.

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